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Felipe Montoro Jens And Privatization in Brazil

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, privatization process was motivated by the external debt crisis that was experienced by Brazil. Participation of private sector in the infrastructure of Brazil is significant because it brings the aspect of modernization. Privatization is one of the ways that Brazil can reach the necessary investments demand of the infrastructure sector. Historically, Brazil is seen as a country that promotes the strong presence of a state that was emphasized during the millennium. In 1930, institutional modernization was controlled by the political regime. This was shown by the uninterrupted growth, including the development of enterprises owned by the state. However, the deviation in the growth was experienced in the 1980s, which opened doors for privatization.

With the development of institutions such as National Privatization Program, privatization process was one of the economic reforms that were proposed by the state in 1990. During this period, companies in the various sectors such as steel, aeronautical, and petrochemical were privatized. In 1995, a new government also decided to privatize other sectors such as telecommunications, electric, transportation, and sanitation. Ten years down the line, the PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) Act was approved. This act allows private agents within Brazil to control some sectors of the Brazilian infrastructure.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Apart from being the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at Felipe’s company S.A, Felipe Montoro is also a member of the board of directors of the same firm. As the Chief Financial Officer, Felipe is responsible for the investment activities carried out by Felipe’s company S.A. He also oversees the investment undertakings performed by various departments such as project finance, treasury, planning, corporate, and controlling division.

Before joining Felipe’s company S.A, Felipe Montoro Jens also worked with Enel Group S.p.A in the department of finance and development. He received his Bachelor Degree in BA (Business Administration) from FGV (Fundao Getlio Vargas). Mr. Montoro Jens was also an alumnus of the AGSIM (American Garvin School of International Management), from where he completed his master degree in IM (International Management).

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