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Bruno Fagali: The Lawyer With The Passion for The Pursuit of Good

     The power of lawyers is immense, but their responsibility is greater than ever. To be a lawyer means you have to know what’s right and wrong in the most general and universal sense. The good thing about Attorney Bruno Fagali is that he understands the value of this and uses this as a fuel in times of dilemma in his law career.

The challenge today in Brazil is for the judicial system to carry out the legislation needed to ensure for integrity in the law firms’ operations. Bruno saw the need and urgency of this cause, and this is the reason why he led the implementation of a Corporate Integrity Program that will train different teams in Sau Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia to the modules integrated with the Corporate Integrity Management program. Bruno Jorge Fagali is responsible for all the implementation needed for the next 24 months.

About Bruno FagaliBruno’s career started when he became a specialist in Administrative Law in FGV and PUC right after he held a master’s degree in State Law from USP. Since then he pushed himself doing things that will answer the transparency issues ingrained Brazil’s jurisprudence.

Public Administration has gathered a lot of flak and criticism for the corruption that it churns out. Bruno wants the real values in general admin laws to get deeply absorbed in the political system of Brazil.

He wants to give attention to the unvoiced needs of the people handling admin roles in their companies.The valor in the heart of Bruno Fagali to serve the public is also imminent in the way he advocates for the ethical standards in the civil service.

The stability of many programs relies on his leadership today, but so far, Bruno has never failed on his word, has never missed his promise and has always been consistent in his enthusiasm only to provide the best policies for public administration.

Truly, it will be no time before the cities of Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and other areas in Brazil will find the significant reforms and changes in the way administration law get delivered in the system anytime soon with Bruno’s help.

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