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Dr. Edward Honig Cracks the Tough Nut in Cardiology

Cardiology is a branch of medicine that specializes in studying the heart and diseases affecting it with the aim of keeping it in good condition. A cardiologist hence has the required skill to perform any heart disease diagnosis. Dr. Edward is a certified cardiology in New York City who has had an impressive record of the professional experience of 66 years. Having education in cardiology requires determination and patience among other qualities and Dr. Edward meet these required qualities. It is an extensive course that could take an approximate of ten years before one acquires the required professional skills. Every step in the study of cardiology is vital and shouldn’t be taken any less serious. The 90-year-old cardiologist is self-composed in his profession considering that lives are in his hands and every life matters.

The preparation of taking up the field of cardiology is taken very strict measures. Having to undergo the entire process can be draining for many which explain the scarce number of certified cardiologists. For one to get certified as a qualified cardiologist, they must have gone through the ten-year learning and training program and achieved ultimate success. It means having to go through test after test to determine other qualities they pose beside the knowledge acquired. Their personality, having a credible judgment and a deep sense of compassion is key.

Dr. Edward Honig works in the Glen Cove Hospital NYC found in St. Andrews lane and had his medical education at Duke University. Cardiologists often educate their patients on signs to look out for heart diseases to have them treated soon before the condition worsens. Human beings are stereotypical, and most of them like to think they have everything under control. However, cardiologists’ advice against ignoring tiny details involving any abnormal functioning of the body. It is better to have everything checked out and have the right assurance than gamble on one’s health. Having trouble breathing, dizziness or frequent chest pains are among the signs one should look out for to protect their heart in advance.

Many conditions of the heart like heart attacks, or failures in the normal functioning of the heart can be avoided and save an incredible number of lives if looked into at the right time. Most heart diseases come about as a result of other body illnesses. High blood pressure is one of those conditions that contribute to damaging the heart and should be in control. Cases like obesity where body fat clings to the heart could cause heart attacks. Failure in other body parts like the lungs or blood is likely to link it to the heart as well.

The heart is examined through an x-ray or the blood to determine the condition it is in! In cases where the heart is not in good shape forces complex, and higher measures in treatment and some doctors may prescribe medicine while others a change in lifestyle. Server conditions call for both measures to be taken. The field of medicine relies on team work hence doctors need to get along to have good results.

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