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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, The Dentist Solution to Dentists

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva knows from experience that having a successful dental practice requires more than just being a skillful dentist. Poor business management can create the risk of failure of a dental practice for even the best dental practitioners. For dentists who are new to the field, it is helpful to have someone with more experience to help guide them through the process. Few understand the field of dentistry and what it takes for dentists to succeed better than Dr. Villanueva and the staff at MB2 Dental Solutions.

Dr. Villanueva started MB2 Solutions to help support dentists by providing them with expert help for the business side of their practice. MB2 Dental Solutions serve affiliate dentists by handling all of the non-clinical functions of running a practice. Dr. Villanueva, the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions, has a wide variety of experience in the field of dentistry. He was an associate dentist, dental director, and dental practice owner. Dr. Villanueva still practices chair side gives him credibility and builds trust with his clients. Dr. Villanueva also enjoys teaching and being a mentor to new dentists.

The services offered by MB2 Dental Solutions include human resources, accounting and finance, computer systems management, credentialing, compliance, training, billing and collections, marketing, and recruiting. Dental offices affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions maintain 100% clinical autonomy.MB2 Dental Solutions currently exists in over 80 affiliated locations in six states.

Patients who patronize MB2 Dental affiliates reap the benefits of MB2 Solutions, because dentists who utilize MB2 Dental Solutions have more time to spend tending to the needs of their customers. Another benefit is an efficiently run dental office with staff members who are well-trained. The offices of MB2 affiliates are in full compliance with all laws and industry regulations. The support MB2 Dental Solutions provides to dentists enables them to lead happier and more balanced lives, which can transfer to how well they treat their employees and their patients.

Dr. Villanueva was born in Ohio. He has lived in Asia and South America. Dr. Villanueva earned an undergraduate degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida. He received a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Villanueva and his wife Carol, who is also a physician and has an established practice in North Texas, have four children.

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