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David Giertz has a Solutions for Enjoying Retirement

David Giertz was born on 10th April 1964. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a financial advisor and he is also a registered broker by the FINRA. He attended Millikin University where he got a BS and later joined the University of Miami where he pursued his MBA.

Since 3rd April 2013, Dave has been serving the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales in the Capacity of a Senior Vice President. He has also served the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. as President since March of 2013. Mr. David Giertz also works with many Nationwide Companies as either a Director, Senior Vice President or President. With this great financial background, David Giertz has used most of his career period in advising individuals on how to make successful plans that can make them live joyfully on retirement. Dave considers the following key factors as the tools for a successful retirement plan;

The first is to be disciplined. In this he understands that people have different preferences on their expenditures on retirement. Some people may prefer travelling to visit places they have never been before, others may prefer staying with their grandchildren among others. He advises that in all these, one should be disciplined in spending so as not to squander everything.

The second factor is retirement plan development. He advises that the plan should include what one plans to leave as inheritance for their heirs and all the activities that they would wish to undertake that were not done previously due to commitment to jobs and other responsibilities.

The third factor is creation of a budget. Dave Giertz believes that creating a budget makes one feel safe spending as the expenditure is already catered for and one cannot also be worried about undertaking pleasurable activities.

The last factor is having a reserve of cash every time. Here, David Giertz advises retirees not to invest every single coin they have in stock markets as this may lead to discomforts at some points.

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