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Why Bruno Fagali Remains an Enigma in Brazilian Legal Space

     In the diverse Brazilian legal scene, there exists one household personality-Bruno Fagali, a specialist who dazzles his legal peers and the public as a whole with his mastery of constitutional jurisprudence. Both in and out of court, the legal practitioner in civil, administrative and regulatory law, have set the bar high as far as his conduct is concerned. As a stalwart in his legal practice, he commands a lot of honor concerning the diligence, passion, and expertise he exudes in general.

From an Intern to a Senior Counsel

Right from his days as a law intern at Radi Advocates, he became exceptional in his handling of clients and additionally, his mastery of administrative law was recognized from then. Rising slowly through the ranks, Bruno Fagali is currently a Senior Counsel who has contributed significantly to the practice of law in Brazil. For instance, he was credited with formulating and advancing sound policies that affected the delivery of services in governmental institutions. One such policy refers to the Sensitization and Integrity Plan where procurement departments in government ministries were to sensitize the public on integrity issues especially during tendering processes. Through the success of this initiative, the public and state officers were enlightened on the legal obligations that must be observed in the award of various types of tenders.

Bruno Fagali’s Employment Achievements

Additionally, Bruno Fagali has been a committed advocate and a champion of equal justice and rights. With this focus, Bruno Fagali has represented several clients to their satisfaction. As a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB, his company enjoyed a streak of radical institutional ramifications. He goes on record as the manager who instituted the equal treatment policy where employees at the enterprise were to be subject to equality in the face of the law. The plan came after a string of adverse cases of harassment of employees by senior officials of the company. Cases of abuse and harassment were also a common gesture in the company before this policy came into effect. These notable changes gave Bruno Fagali a commanding respect in the public domain and the Brazilian government.

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