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The unique architectural designs of churches in Minnesota

The Stella Mary Chapel Church
The Stella Mary Chapel Church was one of the most beautiful ones in the time that it was constructed. The church was built in 1915 to replace the former one which was brought down by fire. The original church was built using the Gothic architectural style, but that was replaced by the Romanesque architectural style by the Benedictine Monks. The Stella Mary Chapel was constructed on the campus of St. John’s University. The location can only be reached by hiking or using a canoe in the process of travel. Currently, the church remains strong with very few alterations made to its structures.
Christ the King Catholic Church
Christ, the King Church has one of the most interesting structures in the world. The church is strong, and the materials used to stand the test of time. Constructed in Browerville, the church was counted as one of the tallest in the area. For a long time, the magnificent structure was used as a land mark. The architectural method used in the construction is not very common in the area since the church was built by some Polish immigrants who had their European construction styles.
Church of St. Columbus
The church of St. Columbus is one of the churches which have used unique building techniques. The architectural designs used in the construction do not only focus on a single style, but it also brings together different designs from other architectures. The church has the French Norman and the Art Deco architectures. The church as constructed in 1950 with the Indiana limestone
The welcoming nature of the Mighty Fortress Church
The Mighty Fortress Church is one of the few churches that insist on welcoming a sinner as they are. The church believes in the transformational power in fellowships. All the believers are welcome to the weekly services which are mostly spontaneous. The routine is not boring, and there is an assurance of happy service.
Through the guidance of Bishop Thomas Williams, the Mighty Fortress Church has helped many believers in their transformational process. Sinners have received grace and understanding of biblical truths. Throughout his 30 years of ministerial experience, Thomas has helped many people to see the light.

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