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Ricardo Tosto Brings out an Overview about Brazilian Judiciary

Ricardo Tosto, a renowned attorney and litigation expert from Brazil, provided an overview about the country’s judiciary. He says that the division and structure of the jurisdiction of country’s judiciary are clearly defined in the Constitution of Brazil. According to whom it serves or what kind of issues it deals with, the court system is divided into special courts and ordinary courts. Ricardo Tosto explains that there are three special courts established by the Federal government, and that are the military courts, electoral courts, and labor courts. In the case of ordinary courts, it is divided into two, which are state and Federal courts. It also has two central courts named Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court, both headquartered in Brasília.

The Supreme Federal Court of the country acts as the highest court in Brazilian Judiciary system. Ricardo Tosto confirms that it takes the role of the constitutional court of the country with special powers. It can nullify any law made by Brazilian Federal government or state governments as unconstitutional. Therefore, it assures the proper checks and balances for Brazilian executive and legislature. Interestingly, it also acts as the court of review, and its orders are binding to the lower courts on recurring issues. While coming to Superior Court of Justice, it is designated as the highest court in issues that are beyond constitutional. While coming to state-level judiciary, there are Trial Courts – court of the first instance – and Courts of Justice – the highest court in the state system or second court of the instance.

Ricardo Tosto is also an investor and entrepreneur in Brazilian judicial system. He is the founder and partner of a leading litigation firm, Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados, headquartered in São Paulo. Tosto’s strategies have helped it to grow from a small room operative to one of the largest business litigation firms in the country. For more info about us: click here.

As an expert in corporate law and compliance, Ricardo Tosto provided his high-value service to many multinational groups and different political figures in the country. He earned his graduation in Law from the Mackenzie Presbiterian University. Tosto also secured his Extension in Business Administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

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