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Alexandre Gama’s Many Awards and Pathway to the Stars

     Alexandre Gama is known by virtually everyone involved in copywriting, large-scale content creation, and other advertorial capacities, having earned innumerable awards in his 38 years of practice in the commercial advertising industry. Mr. Gama is most well known for his quasi-eponymous firm, Neogama, founded in 1999, after the advertorial star spent 17 years working under the guidance of leading agencies in the United States, Europe, and his home continent of South America.

Neogama and founder Alexandre Gama have together been the recipients of virtually countless awards. Mr. Gama was named one of Brazil’s most important business figures in 2006, published by Brazilian magazine About. He received the prestigious title of Agency Director of the Year in 2006, given by the Propaganda Professionals Association. The following year, Mr. Gama earned the Caboré Award of Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry.

Mr. Gama’s firm received awards including Agency of the Year by a popular Brazilian newspaper, the first dual winner of double Golden Lions at the Cannes Film Festival, and Fastest Growing Agency from 1999-2002 by Brazil’s government.

Alexandre Gama first earned a degree in communications, then worked for 17 years among the likes of Ogilvy & Mather, Y&R, and others.

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