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Robert Ivy- President Of The American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice president of the American Institute of Architects. American Institute of Architects is a US-based professional firm for architects. The headquarters of the organization is located in Washington, D.C. The Company provides government advocacy, education, public outreach, and community redevelopment to assist the architecture profession and better its public influence. Additionally, in order to aid the building industry, the American Institute of Architects works together with associates of the design and construction group.

Since he was elected into his position as the CEO, Robert Ivy controls and manages all the activities conducted in the company. Moreover, Robert also started two major investigations into the role of architects in the community and the future of architecture practice. The American Institute of Architects through Robert’s help partnered up with the Clinton Global Initiative. This partnership will focus on making design a stimulus for bettering public health through digital programs, research grants, and community planning.

Before joining the American Institute of Architects, Ivy worked with various companies. One of the companies that he worked at is the McGraw-Hill Construction. At McGraw-Hill. Ivy functioned as their Editorial Director and Vice President. Additionally, another company that he worked at is the Architectural Record where he functioned as their Editor-in-Chief. At Architectural Record, Robert Ivy oversaw 16 prints and 17 digital publications. Under his management, Architectural Record received various awards. One of the awards that the organization received is the National Magazine Award for General Excellence (granted by the American Society of Magazine Editors).

Due to his outstanding contributions to editorial success in business media, Robert Ivy was awarded the G.D. Crain Award in 2009. Moreover, in 2010, Robert Ivy was named a “Master Architect” by a national architecture fraternity known as the Alpha Rho Chi. This was due to his immense contributions to spreading the value of design both at national, and international levels.

Robert Ivy studied at the University of South in Tennessee where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Additionally, Robert also holds a Master’s in Architecture degree from Tulane University found in Louisiana.

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