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NuoDB: Venturing Into Cloud Databases

NuoDB was founded in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. The main office for NuoDB is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is an expandable SQL cloud database for users to create their cloud applications. The database has been nicknamed as “NewSQL” and whenever a new server is added, the database is able to run faster without sharding. This makes it easier for NuoDB’s customers to relocate their cloud database. Users are able to add capacity when needed and are able to let go of the space without redundancy or provisioning. NuoDB aligns pricing with income which means that ongoing and developmental fees are minimized. The infrastructure is simple and easily scalable while increasing the probability of future cloud database applications. Data management and logic is kept in the cloud database rather than in the application. Another benefit of NuoDB business model is continuous availability due to its peer-to-peer architecture. Users can also rely on the database’s automatic disaster recovery. The firm obtained 12 million dollars in business enterprise capital in 2012 and partnered with CauseSquare in 2017. NuoDB became the official cloud database for CauseSquare which is a platform that connects organizations and causes with volunteers and contributors.

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