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Cassio Audi Left a Mark in Music History

Many people always associate Cassio Audi with his recent finance job, though before he joined the investment world, he was once a founding member of the Viper Rock Band. He teamed up with Yves Passarell, Andre Machado, Pit Passarell and Felipe Machado who began their music career in 1985.Cassio was the lead drummer for the band until 1989 when he departed the group to pursue business.

Iron Maiden and the rising British Heavy Metal music were the influences which the group drew their inspiration from. Cassio Audi was a star with instruments, and many predicted he would have made a great music career. He majored mostly in the drums as they toured the world upon the release of their first album called The Killer Sword.

The singles on the album include songs like Princess from Hell, Nightmare, and Killer. These singles incorporated in their album with a few modifications. After its release to the market, the album got a lot of press and attention, in particular among the young people who enjoyed the rock genre of music, the album was a hit. Later on, the band released a debut album called Soldiers of Sunrise. There were challenges in the group such as people who criticized their type of music or did not seem to understand their genre of music.

Considering also that English was not their first language the band had to put in a lot of work and effort in their writing and singing skills. Even with all these challenges, the group received a Four star by All Music. Their second album was Theatre of Fate and was also a favorite among many.

According to an analysis by the group regarding their album release was positive and that their gifts and talents will take them far. The band received various awards because of their achievements in the music industry.

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