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George Soros Stands Tall Opposite of Donald Trump

We are going to be studying the 2016 Presidential Election in political science classes for decades to come. This election, Trump vs Clinton, was one so wound up in drama and change that it will be hard to point out what exactly defined the shift. What we know now is that the political climate has changed, perhaps forever, and people like George Soros are going to be relied upon to step up to the plate and keep things level. George Soros is the man behind the Soros Hedge Fund as well as the founder of the Open Society Foundations. Soros has been revered all of his life for the work he has done for liberal politics around the world and here at home. His biggest test is coming up next, as 85 year old Soros goes toe to toe with President Trump. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros and his political adviser Michael Vachon watched in disbelief as Donald Trump went from a fringe candidate to the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Soros knew all along that Trump was a threat and he didn’t dismiss him like so many others. Instead, Soros and Vachon leaped into action as soon as it became clear that Trump was not going away. Soros came back to politics after a fairly long mainstream hiatus. During that hiatus Soros had focused on philanthropy with his group the Open Society Foundations. The OSF has given nearly $12 billion in donations to activists, organizations, and foundations all around the globe and even here at home. Even with that sizable work behind him, Soros’ greatest test would be how he responded to the man who seeks to destroy everything: Donald Trump.

George Soros knew that he had to return to politics because he knew that Trump was campaigning on closing borders, shutting out minorities, stripping freedoms and fundamentally attacking the United States government in any way that he could think of. So, Soros began backing liberal politicians and mainstream democrats up and down the 2016 election list. Soros would donate vast amounts of money to Hillary Clinton supporting PACs as well as other PACs that stood for things he believed in: minority voting rights, immigration, and PACs for campaign finance reform such as End Citizens United. While Donald Trump would eventually win the Presidency, Soros had woken up a renewed vigor for people looking to oppose the regressive right wing.

During this time Soros also took to the papers to point out the problems that can be found in capitalism. Soros fundamentally believes that capitalism pushes out the ‘greater good’ for the ‘good of the individual’. Soros, who believes strongly in a global community, realizes that he earned his fortune by way of the financial market but he wants to fight to make a better way. Learn more about his profile at

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