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4 EOS Lip Balms That Will Set You Apart

Having the same old lip balm as everyone else is boring. You need balms as unique and amazing as you are! Check out the list below for 4 EOS lip balms that will set you apart from the crowd.


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew Smooth Sphere

Tired of the same few lip balm flavors? This is like none you’ve ever tried! The subtly sweet, slightly floral flavor is irresistible and will give your lips the nourishment they need in one quick swipe.


  1. Blackberry Nectar Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere

Experience the rich sweetness of wild summer blackberries with this balm. With pretty purple striped packaging in a unique spherical format, this balm will have people asking where you got it! Just one application and you’ll notice a difference in the softness of your lips.


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Stick

While many lip balms are sickly sweet, this one is the perfect mix of sweet and tart. The raspberry pomegranate flavor will remind you of a tasty fruit smoothie. Plus the convenient stick format makes it easy to fit into even the tiniest bag or pocket, see also for more details.


  1. Passion Fruit Smooth Sphere

This yummy tropical flavor is unlike any other balm you can buy. It’s perfect for transporting yourself to a beach vacation no matter where you are! Despite its purple packaging, it goes on clear for quick and easy application.


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EOS lip balms not only look cute and smell delicious, they are perfect for nourishing your lips. With 100 percent natural, 95 percent organic ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, you get long-lasting moisture without any bad-for-you ingredients. Swipe it on for a totally kissable pout!


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