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“Eric Lefkofsky – Does Not Rest On His Laurels…”

Eric Lefkofsky, born in Southfield, Michigan is a successful entrepreneur, teacher as well as a philanthropist. After attending high school, he attended the University of Michigan and later studied law at the University’s Law School and graduated his Doctor of Law degree.

Always indicating enterprising spirit, Eric has been involved in creating various start-ups such as Inner Workings a procurement company for mid-size organizations. He then went on to start a freight supply company called Echo Global Logistics and the list goes on. I guess the most notable company he is associated with, is Groupon – he now serves as the chairman.

Mr. Lefkofsky and his wife Liz formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, with the tag line: Enhancing the quality of human life. This charitable organization concentrates and is making an impact on four areas which consist of medical research, human rights, education and the arts.

The programs listed under this four headings deal with topics such as writing, leadership, political freedom, homelessness, cancer, cardio research, museum art galleries and theater. This is just a tip of the iceberg in the assistance they offer more than 50 foundations and networks. Their major attention is on children’s issues.
They also encourage privilege individuals to give to those who are less fortunate as they signed the Giving Pledge. Eric is also on the board of Children’s Memorial Hospital located in Chicago and part of other institutions in that city.

He has started up a health-tech business call Tempus; it provides a base to bring cutting-edge treatment to treat cancer. This includes collecting DNA information to get a clear picture of the patient’s illness and to help the doctor customize the best program and care for the participant. The cancers that are being focused on are pancreatic, lung and breast; there are plans to treat more types in the future.

This particular project is near and dear to The Lefkofsky’s heart, because Liz and her mom have had cancer and her sister died of this dreadful disease in the following: click here.

As though being a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist is not enough, Eric Lefkofsky teaches courses at a several school including Kellogg School of Management and currently at University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky seems to have accomplished more in such a short period of time, than most people can achieve in two lifetimes. This prominent executive does not seem as though he is stopping any time soon.

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