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The New Discovery By Talos Energy LLC

The latest from Talos Energy LLC and its joint partners, Sierra Oil and Gas S. de R.L de C.V. along with Premier Oil Plc is the discovery of Zama-1 exploration well. This is located in offshore Mexico. It has announced its discovery of oil. There is a 35% participation interest of Talos, besides Sierra having 40% while Premier has 25% participation interest.

This is of special interest as Zama-1 well happens to be the offshore exploration well in Mexico that is in the private sector. It is located in 166 meters of water. It is located 60 kilometers from the Port of Dos Bocas. Its initial vertical depth is nearly 3,383 meters.

After the preliminary analysis, Talos Energy has claimed it to be a significant discovery. It claimed that this is a result of combined working of highly skilled personnel belonging to both Mexico as well as the US. They worked efficiently and turned this into a reality.

This discovery is going to lead to the new capital along with new participants. This will lead to the creation of local jobs in this area. Besides, it would mean more revenues for the government. This is why Talos Energy is going ahead with the appraisal of this discovery. They look forward to more drilling in order to unearth more opportunities. They feel that the future appears to be very bright for offshore Mexico in the coming years.

All this is the outcome of a tremendous amount of effort that had been put in by the technical as well as the operations teams of Talos Energy. They had conviction in their leadership. Due to this, Talos Energy has become the first private sector player to be able to drill an offshore exploration well in this country. It is a result of the landmark energy reforms that happened in 2014.

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