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James Dondero: Highland Capital’s Founder And Leader

If there’s one man who knows a thing or two about staying ahead of Wall Street’s curve, it’s James Dondero, the founder president of Highland Capital Management. His ability to make not only sound decisions in high-pressure financial environments, but guide many banking and investment firms enroute to success has separated him from the small to the great. From the moment he graduated Beta Gamma Sigma from the University of Virginia’s School of Business, it could be predicted he was destined for success in the world of finance.

One of his first great business undertakings was at the financial program at Morgan Guaranty Trust, just prior to working for American Express. At American Express, he oversaw the investments of fixed income, managing approximately $1 billion in value. He became proficient at handling credit and equity that soon, he found himself moving up to Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life GIC. His time there saw the company grow its assets to $2 billion in just 4 years, an almost unprecedented growth at the time. It was after that accomplishment that he and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management LP, a chief company that operates in Dallas, TX and that oversees all kinds of funds from hedge funds, private equity, mutual funds, and many other funds that total to over $21 billion in value.

Dondero’s expertise in portfolio management, diversified accounts, and helping to establish collateralized loan obligations (CLO) has won him national recognition and has earned him a 5-star Global Allocation award from the Morningstar, and the Lipper Award for floating rate opportunities among others. From strategic planning to managing credit markets and leveraged bank accounts, Dondero has done it all when it comes to making major investment decisions.

Dondero is currently serving multiple positions across different institutions and firms, and recently he was named Chairman of the Board at NexPoint Residential Trust, INC along with Dr. Arthur Laffer. In addition to this company, he is also chairman of NexBank, MGM Studios, and Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical Corporation. For 30 years and counting, Dondero’s experience in the financial managment world has yielded high dividends and unparalleled growth.

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