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ClassDojo Promotes Classroom Communication


ClassDojo is becoming a staple for parents and teachers everywhere. It is an app that allows for easier communication for parents and teachers and promotes more involvement for parents in their child’s education. The app is available on tablets, computers, and smartphones so it is easy to use wherever you are. The students also love to use the app because ClassDojo uses a point system, and the kids love making a game out of it and earning rewards for accumulating points. Everyone also has an avatar within the app and the kids like to customize it and make it into something that expresses their personality.

ClassDojo is already saving teachers a lot of time since they just have to click one button in order to assign a behavior to someone. These behaviors are easily acceptable so the students and parents are able to track their progress. This encourages the students to perform to the best of their ability and work hard for success. Its data sharing feature is also very popular because it allows the teacher to send out weekly reports on the student’s behavior and academic progress. This keeps the parents in the loop so that they can work with their student if they are falling a little behind. This feature also allows the teachers to keep up with what is working and what is not in their classroom.

ClassDojo is a great way to promote increased parental involvement. When the parents are more involved, the student is more motivated to do their best. It is also helps the parents to talk to the students at home since they have a better understand of how the day went. There is also an instant message option in which the the parents and teachers can quickly and easily communicate with each other.

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