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Omar Yunes and Success in Restaurant Franchises

Omar Yunes, a business owner that recently won the best franchise in the world award in Florence, Italy with his Japanese food chain might possibly be the youngest entrepreneur in the world. Considering he started at age 21, that’s pretty nice. Today that count has gone from one to 13 franchises. Here is his story.

At the young age of 21, Omar Yunes opened Sushi Itto, the Japanese restaurant that won him the award, was received with Omar Yunes saying that the award actually belongs to the employees that made the restaurant into what it is today. With locations in South America, Panama and Mexico, it’s become more than just a Mexican-Japanese restaurant. It’s now world-wide. There are 91 locations today. That’s quite an accomplishment for anyone that set out at the tender age of just 21.

His success is due to those people and the teamwork that he has fostered over the years with his restaurant franchise. His efforts towards creating a workplace that is focused on the employee’s job satisfaction probably had a little to do with that.

The future for this entrepreneur is bright, with plans to expand even further with his restaurant franchises. Considering his past. He knows that well. He can go forward with those plans knowing that it will be a success. Representing Mexico and the area for restaurant business is another part of his success. Considering how it has expanded into other countries worldwide though, means that he does understand how it can expand outwards.

Anyone can follow the steps of Omar Yunes easily if they have a passion for being an entrepreneur and a love for learning the business. The important factor is a love for service, great managerial efforts and a love for the people that make up the company. It doesn’t take Undercover Boss to know that Omar Yunes has that secret well under control. He is the inspiration, but the work is all up to you as you figure out what niche you want to fill in restaurants and more importantly, who will make up that place.

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