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Orange Coast Rowers Determined to Win Nationals

Few sports are as classic and prestigious as the sport of rowing. One college team in Orange County, California, has excelled in the sport and is reaching legendary status. The Orange Coast College men’s rowing team has won 11 national titles and is looking to add another this year.

Founded in 1947, Orange Coast College has been home to numerous top-notch athletes. Notable examples of OCC alumni include NFL player Eddie Johnson, professional boxer Carlos Palomino and MLB pitcher Sergio Romo, among many others. Orange College has endless athletic options for its students to take advantage of.

They currently offer men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, football, tennis, water polo and more. For women they offer basketball, cheerleading, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball and others.

One standout athletic option for both men and women at Orange Coast College is joining the crew team. The sport of crew, more commonly known as rowing, has become a successful endeavor for many students at OCC. Known for its aesthetics, the sport of rowing is a beautiful visual of both grace and unity. Rowers must work together in perfect synchronization to propel their boat across the water.

The sport, which requires a great deal of communication and diligence, is something that the OCC “Pirates” have come to master. In the past 60 years, the Orange Coast men’s crew team has garnered 11 national titles.

With strong perseverance, they hope to add the 2017 nationals to that list. The community college will be competing against many four-year universities, teams that have trained twice as long as they have with students that are several years older. With that said, the OCC Pirates are not concerned about their competition. In fact, these young men are welcoming the challenge.

With utmost commitment, the Orange Coast Pirates are determined to conquer the 2017 nationals. Following their last win, the other competitors had dubbed the team the “Giant Killer”. Given their brutal tenacity to take on nationals again, it is likely that nickname will still stand.

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