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Top Reasons to Get a Free Instant Quote from USHEALTH Advisors

The USHEALTH Group, Inc. works in close partnership with its principal subsidiaries; the National Foundation Life Insurance Firm and the Freedom for life Insurance America Company. Together, the trio has provided affordable, quality and reliable insurance cover policies to over 15 million people in the USA and beyond. The timeless products offered by USHEALTH are suitable for individuals who are self-employed, in business, and those working in the private sector as well. The outfit has grown from strength to strength since its establishment half a century now past.

Vision and Mission

USHEALTH Group understands perfectly well that people have different financial abilities. While others are comfortable paying a thousand dollars in premium for their life insurance, others find it impossible to raise such exorbitant sums.

The hallmark features of the comprehensive plans and packages offered by the group are:-
• Affordability
• Tailor-made solutions
• Effective and Reliable
• Easily accessible
• Flexible

Making an informed health insurance decision doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you. Take advantage of the free advice and wise consult provided by the listed and certified USHEALTH Advisors. These professionals first have to undergo a comprehensive training on the products and services provided by the TEXAS based insurer.

Meet the Brilliant CEO, Troy

The top level management at USHEALTH continues to receive ravenous testimonials from the over 15 million members in its umbrella wing. Today, this company has attained an A Plus(+) rating by the BBB. That pass and accreditation status comes from USHEALTH’s superb customer care and support handling.

The milestone awards and accolades won by USHEALTH and its CEO, Troy McGuagge includes:-

USHEALTH GROUP is one of the top 50 North American Call Centers
• The company’s CEO and President won Gold at the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards
• Insurance company won the Gold Stevie Award for exemplary Sales and Customer Service

Benefits to members

• Personalized insurance plans on the double
• Budget friendly plans and packages
• You get quality, comprehensive coverage from a large pool of physicians
• You get health and wellness tips, pointers and education
• As an agent, you can earn tons of money in commissions and salary

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