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Greg Secker: Empowering People around the Globe

English businessman Greg Secker, owner of Learn to Trade, is a talented individual who has vast experience and knowledge of the trading world and now uses that knowledge to educate and inspire others. Greg Secker recently did an interview with CEOCFO about his switch from agriculture and food sciences, which he studied in college, to the world of foreign exchange trading. While building computers to work his way through college, Greg Secker became familiar with coding. He continued with this field and was able to see how traders were making a lot of money, and he decided he wanted in on this.

After much success in this industry, Greg Secker retired but quickly realized he could use his talents to educate others and give them the tools necessary to attain success in their own lives. He has now dedicated his life to speaking, teaching, and philanthropy. Greg Secker uses his foundation, the Greg Secker Foundation, to empower students and give them the tools necessary to achieve success from the beginning of their careers. His foundation is currently helping rebuild in the Philippines, and he says that they are setting them up for a sustainable future with free electricity, making them carbon neutral, and helping to provide them with greater access to roads and education. Greg Secker sees what having money has allowed him to do as far as helping others and taking stands on important issues, and he believes every individual should have access to these tools.

Greg Secker achieved his success at an early age. At the age of 25 he was Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, and he learned from traders here before branching out on his own in 2003 and becoming a full time trader. He began mentoring other people and eventually founded the group Knowledge to Action. He began holding seminars globally and has won many business awards for his success.

Greg Secker is a man who believes in giving back, and he uses the money he gained from his success to give empowerment and education to others so that they may achieve the same.


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