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ClassDojo Could Soon Change All Parent-Teacher Relationships


ClassDojo, an education tech company, managed to raise a total of $21 million in a Series B round of funding. The company seeks to create a community by bringing together teachers, students, and their parents. It achieves this by use of an app that allows for constant communication between teachers and parents on the progress, the social and behavioral development of the students.


Constant communication ensures that parents are more in touch with teachers as opposed to the system of once-a-semester parent-teacher meetings. Parents can keep tabs on the behavior of their children from the convenience of their home or place of work.


According to ClassDojo co-founders, the company intends on using the capital raised to grow the team at the company while at the same time looking into content and features that will prove useful to parents who make use of the app. These features will help these parents to take advantage of the app during the school day and at home. The idea, according to co-founder Sam Chaudhary, is to enable parents to take over and guide conversations at home while offering support and motivation when the kids are at school.


Currently, the platform is being used by 2 in 3 schools in America. The schools include private and charter schools as well as the largest public schools countrywide. The teachers who use the app range from kindergarten teachers through to 8th grade teachers. Currently, ClassDojo is working on availing the app to more teachers.


To date, the company has not generated any revenue. According to Liam Don, one of the co-founders, the company is not intent on generating any revenue off of users’ data. When kids are involved, privacy is of utmost importance. Liam added that the company is set on generating income through other methods such as the introduction of premium features that the users can pay for.


ClassDojo is a 25-employee startup that focuses on providing tech education solutions. The company provides a communication platform that seeks to involve the teachers, students, and parents by allowing the safe sharing of wonderful classroom moments. The platform also helps students build important skills such as teamwork with a view of creating a positive classroom culture.


ClassDojo provides an app that easily engages parents by the use of photos and videos, instant messages and announcements straight from the teacher. To date, the company has raised $31 million in venture funding. The company continues to grow by the day.




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