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Renown Health to Open a New Facility

Renown Health, a healthcare company in the US, is in the process of opening a new family clinic. The company has made it public that the family clinic located at the Summit Mall found in South Reno.

The South Reno family clinic will be focused on offering patients primary health care services. Laboratory services will also be available to clients who visit the healthcare facility. Dr. McCormack, the institution’s medical director, has welcomed customers in the facility, saying that they will get top-notch services when they visit.

McCormack says that the facility has been designed with some of the latest equipment to provide the customer with a comfortable and inviting setting that will take their breath away. The medical director also says that the facility has many plans for the future too. These programs are also designed to meet the every changing needs of the consumer. However, the hospital is waiting health industry to clear some of the uncertainties present so that it can introduce more services.

The South Reno branch is expected to have a team of qualified experienced professionals of health who will handle the patients. The institution will first deploy a team of eleven professionals to attend to the customer then, later on, send more staff as the demand increases.

The healthcare department in the United States has undergone several changes over the years. With improved economy, some changes have been introduced to make hospitals look better for patients. The new president of the country, Donald Trump had announced that he would abolish the Obamacare and introduce better and quality services to the consumers. Renown is looking forward to a better health care system where patients will be able to get the treatment they need, regardless of their income. The new clinic expected to incorporate some of the latest advancements in the industry.

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