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The Impressive Investment Career Of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly became a member of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and is the senior editor for the company. He helps people find wealth by investing in special opportunities, stocks and technology.

Mr. Mampilly’s career started in 1991 on Wall Street. He worked for Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager. When he became tired of Wall Street he retired so he could spend additional time with his family. He is not quite retired as he still helps individuals make successful investments. He founded two newsletters, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited and has a new service for research called True Momentum coming out in 2017.

Paul Mampilly has enjoyed the same routine for fifteen years. After he gets up in the morning he looks at the news and the markets. He focuses on stocks and his three trading services and keeps an eye on them throughout his day. He likes to be aware of any current changes taking place.

Mr. Mampilly works with his team to bring ideas to life. They do extensive research and he spends hours writing. His writings include example scenarios so his readers can understand the specifics regarding stocks. He realizes everyone possesses different financial knowledge and taking the time to explain things properly is important.

Paul Mampilly is best known as a American investor although he has been a hedge fund manager in his career. He was the winner of the investment competition through the Templeton Foundation. He has been featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and CNBC. He founded a newsletter for investments called Profits Unlimited and he uses his knowledge, experience and skills to guide his subscribers. His 60,000 subscribers have made his newsletter incredibly popular.

Paul Mampilly was born in India and traveled to the United States when he was a young man. He joined the Wall Streets ranks quickly and currently has approximately 25 years of experience in investments. His career started when he worked at Deutsche Bank as an assistant in research. It was not long before he was responsible for multimillion dollar accounts. Additionally he managed funds for Sears, the Royal Bank of Scotland and a private Swiss bank.

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