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A Look At CEO Clay Siegall’s Personal Blog

Clay Siegall is the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. He also enjoys operating a blog where he shares interesting articles from the world of science, politics, and other areas he finds of interest. A recent article he shared was one where research indicates that the more options for recycling people have the more they tend to waste. The main problem stems from people feeling good and virtuous about recycling. This leads to them buying more paper plates, cups, glass bottles, and everything else that can be recycled rather than limiting the amount of items like this which in the real world would be even more virtuous than recycling them.

Siegall also posted and article that describes how citizen scientists are looking for what is called “overexcited planets”. The discovery is a brown dwarf which was found by four separate volunteers combing through galactic images that had been taken by telescopes. Brown dwarfs are actually failed stars but scientists like to call them overexcited planets rather than calling them failures. The first one wasn’t found until 1995 although their existence had been a theory for over 50 years prior to that.

Clay Seigall founded Seattle Genetics in order to discover cures for cancer and other deadly diseases that target the diseased cells. He is a leader in developing targeted drugs which only kill disease cells and leave normal cells alone, unlike conventional drugs which can’t differentiate between the two. His specialty is developing drugs from antibody-drug conjugates which have shown huge promise in treating various forms of cancer. His first product to be released, ADCETRIS, is now being used all over the world to cure people of lymphoma. ADCETRIS also shows promise treating other types of cancer which are currently being explored along with over 20 other drugs that are in Seattle Genetics pipeline.

As the top executive at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has created multiple strategic licensing transactions with some of the giants in the pharmaceutical industry including Astellas, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline, and Genentech. He also oversees the day to day business operations of Seattle Genetics and sets the company’s overall strategic vision.


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