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Rick Smith, the Most Influential Leader in The Prison Technology Industry

The prison communication industry of North America is not what it used to be a decade ago, thanks to the input of Rick Smith who is the current CEO, President and Chairman of Securus Technologies Inc., one of the leading providers for inmate technology solutions. In the 9 years that he has been on the leadership of Securus, he has managed to influence, not only his company, but also competitors in the industry, to deliver value for money and to keep on improving themselves. You might have come across some press releases where he is talking of how Securus has improved and how customers perceive the company products. While this might appear like just any regular press release, it is not. He is indirectly telling his competitors that they need to improve their products and service delivery. Read more about Rick on

Since Rick Smith joined Securus, the company has steadily moved to be an industry leader and be very influential. The company acquired Syscone Justice System. This has had a very big impact o how people view the company. Syscone Justice System is a global leader in the correctional management technology arena. As such, it has made Securus gain global recognition for holding patents to innovative prison technology products.

As the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith oversaw the company invest over $650 million on technology. As a result, today, Securus is able to deliver at least one technology product after every two weeks. The company also constructed one of the most magnificent call centers in the world. They understand the frustration you go through when you have to wait in line for hours. Theirs is to ensure that you are served promptly.

To improve customer service, Rick Smith has also invested in improving how the company handles customer complaints and avoiding them in the first place. This has gotten the company accredited by BBB Accreditation body, earning an A+ Grade in the process. Rick Smith encourages other companies, within the industry, to follow in these footsteps and to improve the overall experience that customers have with this industry. According to Wikipedia

Rick Smith is a good leader, as can be seen with his achievements in every company that he has had the opportunity to lead. But he did not just wake up one day and found himself with the reputation for good leadership, he had to earn it. That is how the system works. He hold two Master’s degrees in Business Administration and in Mathematics. The knowledge obtained in business administration has enabled him in strategizing and executing good leadership. And, his experience in the technology industry makes him the best position for the leadership of Securus Technologies Inc.

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