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Napa Valley Sights as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

     Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides take customers on unique experiences. Napa Valley, while known for their wine, is the hotspot for many unique travel destinations. When you go on your next trip, you may want to consider these spots.

For the art lover, Napa offers the Napa Art Walk Exhibition features 3-D art and sculptures. Any proceeds from the art sales go to future shows. The history buff would love a trip over to the Napa Valley Historical Society. This organization collects artifacts from Napa’s history. These two destinations will enrich any trip to Napa!

Other rich and engaging sights, including Olives at Round Pond Estates, cooking classes at Silverado Cooking school and relaxing at the spa. Napa Valley’s fertile soil helps to grow more than grapes. Olives are grown at the Round Pond Estate are made into a number of products that any tourist will love to enjoy. Cooking classes at Silverado Cooking school are an educational and engaging destination. Chef Malcolm de Sieyes will help to train you about every step of the culinary creation process.

One way to relax and unwind is a nice day at the Auberge spa. This spa is located at the Calistoga Ranch resorts. In an area well-known for hot springs, this spa offers the best in relaxation. From massages to steams, anyone can unwind during a vacation. Napa Valley has a lot to offer, much more than just wine!

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides is a great way to earn extra money on a flexible schedule. The company has paid training and events to help the wine guides learn and network. The wine guides receive toolkits and training to help them with their new jobs. As a traveling vineyard wine guide, you get the best wines to taste and a great, rewarding experience where you can earn money!

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