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How the Brazilian Real Estate Industry is Evolving-José Auriemo Neto

The Brazilian real estate industry has been evolving in one of the most spectacular ways. One of the biggest challenges that investors have been facing was a lack of a ready market for the property. However, there are a few investors such as José Auriemo Neto who have managed to stay afloat despite the challenges they have been facing. This is because instead of approaching the industry in the same manner that everyone else has been, he has shifted gears and now concentrates on high-end real estate.

The benefits of investing in the high-end property are countless. First, the calibers of clients that he gets for his property are mainly foreigners who are looking for worthy investments abroad. His primary market is the US, which means that the asking price that he places on the property is something that they can afford. His company, JHSF also deals with construction projects such as shopping malls, hotels, airport upgrades and luxury retail brands among others. The business has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings to the level that it is at currently. Some of the values that he claims have helped him achieve the massive success that he has achieved include the concept of working on issues as a team. He also adds that the success of any business venture that one partakes in is highly dependent on the ability to look for gaps in the market, and find a unique and uncharted solution in providing the service to the community.

The company JHSF has grown under the exemplary leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto. They estimate that with time, the company will get even better and there are projects underway to streamline further their service delivery, which will make them the undisputed leaders when it comes to luxury real estate in Brazil. Jose Neto is a true inspiration to all.

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