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A Look At Some Scary Yet True Stories Of The Deep Web


To understand just how creepy and frightening at times, the deep web can be, one should first know what it is. The deep web is simply a part of the internet that is restricted to most people. To access the deep web you will need to use special browsers and be sent direct links to a website that is on the deep web. Did I mention that the deep web is completely anonymous?


One of the most creepy stories encountered by people surfing the deep web involves a story that took place many many years ago on it when the internet was in its heyday. A person was surfing through various sites and managed to access a server after gathering various data on the random pages of the deep web that contained cryptic messages. Eventually the person saw an HTML file appear that had hello there in its title. When the person clicked it, it contained a brief message, that said we see you. The server this person accessed then crashed a few seconds later. Was this person spied on or monitored?


Another creepy story that a person encountered on the deep web includes a guy commenting a video he had accessed. The person then says that he got a reply from someone else on the deep web that had his last name. This creeped the living daylights of this individual because he had a very rare last name. How could this person have known his last name? Was it a lucky guess, a lot of research done on the individual by someone or some sort of surveillance? It will probably remain a mystery, but it is sure creepy.

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