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Patty Rocklage Helps Couples Save Marriage through Counseling

It is often repeated that approximately fifty percent of first marriages delve into divorce. Supposedly, most first marriages end up in divorce, and the statistics have hardly shown a positive change in the past thirty years. To deal with troubled marriages, marriage counselors have come up with therapies tailored to provide help in a bid to reduce the cases of divorce. The roles of marriage counselors continue to manifest in the institution that has been designed to promote unity and foster procreation in the society. A marriage counselor is responsible for helping what may seem to be an ending marriage to survive. This is where Patty Rocklage comes in.


Patty Rocklage understands the need to save a marriage when the troubled partners seem to be giving up on themselves. The resident of Boston town has a calm voice and charming nature that welcomes clients to her ship of psychotherapy. The experienced and psychotherapist not only specializes in marriage counseling but also family counseling in life’s most stressful situations. Patty is passionate about helping the society to overcome challenges by offering sound advice.


Patty is an alumnus of the Southern University of California. She attained her degrees in psychology in 1981. The licensed psychotherapist is a legal practitioner in Massachusetts. Over the past years, as she practiced psychotherapist, Patty has amassed extensive valuable skills like coaching, teaching, public speaking, as well as team building. Her skills place her in a central point to offer life’s solutions to threatening issues. Patty has assisted many clients to achieve growth at a personal level. Click here to know more.

Community Building

Patty is a firm believer of a peaceful community. She, therefore, participates in community workshop and outreach through team building. Patty is also committed to giving back to the society through charity. In a bid to show appreciation to the staff that gave her husband, Scott Rocklage the knowledge and skills that he fondly shares with the community, Patty accompanied Scott to a fundraiser at the Institute of Technology located in Massachusetts. The two made contributions towards the development of the chemistry department so that the institution could rebuild the laboratory through modern technology. Moungi Bawendi uses the chemistry lab. He was in charge of Scott’s department when Scott was a student.

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