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Why Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars Are Turning to Kabbalah

Following Madonna’s interest in traditional mysticism of the Jewish culture, many Hollywood’s big names followed suit. This pilgrimage into Jewish culture became rampant, after the American Popstar started her own Kabbalah Center to study the Jewish traditions. The puzzling aspect still remains: “What is the drive behind their interest to learn about the mystical facts about Kabbalah?”

Speaking to LA Times, Sandra Bernard remarked that Kabbalah erases almost eighty percent of life’s adversities. This statement was intimately seconded by Paris Hilton-who visited the center at Los Angeles when she was in destitution after she broke up with her lover, Nick Carter. She stated that it helped her deal with the separation. Read NY times news for Kabbalah .

The Kabbalah Center website further reveals that the practice provides traditional Judaic wisdom with practical elements for restoring lost joy, that finally leads to self-actualization. Ultimately, an individual’s outlook on life changes for the better.

Since time in memorial, Jews have been oppressed in political and social scopes. Owing to this, some celebrities, for instance; the late Sammy Davis, not only wanted to experience an inner strength through Kabbalah Center, but also wanted to be part of the Jewish evolution from marginalization. According to the Daily Beast, other celebrities like Marylyn Monroe converted their religious orientation to Judaism, since she felt no fulfilling complacency with Christianity. However, this pilgrimage has brewed criticism among some staunch Orthodox Jews. Some rabbis, even, wrote to the Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles. They took to a stun tone, disowning the program as part of Judaism.

About Kabbalah Center LA

Kabbalah Center was started in 1922 by master Rav Yehuda Ashlag, with an intent to make this highly veiled Judaic wisdom accessible. After publishing the teachings of enlightenment to his apprentice, Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, he handed him the leadership. Leadership was later on handed to Rav Phillip Berg, who spearheaded Kabbalah revolution among Hollywood Stars. Click Here for full article .

Located in Los Angeles, this non-profit establishment provides programs on Zohar and Kabbalistic lessons based on Judaism. Individuals can learn about Kabbalah online, or in regional and urban-based subsidiary centers. The canter is a host to a multi-lingual team that provide lessons to students across the globe. for more .

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