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Thor Halvorssen and His Great Passion for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a trained lawyer who fights for the rights of human beings from all over the world. Halvorssen realized this calling in the year 1993, and he has never looked back. The lawyer serves as a voice of the people especially concerning issues such as slavery, human trafficking, dictatorship, threats, democracy, and rape.

When growing up, Mr Thor didn’t know that he was going to be a human rights activist. However, his family background played a fundamental role in his career choice. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was an influential figure in Venezuela. He served as the leader of investigations at the Venezuela Medellin Cartel. The institution is believed to have been run by the famous Pablo Escobar.

After working in the organization for a long time, Thor’s father was accused and convicted by the investigation he was in charge. His son came to his rescue. In the year 1993, the lawyer chose to lead a great campaign that was protesting against brutal treatment that prisoners were facing in the Venezuela prisoners. According to the lawyer and activist, his father was tortured before being released. After successfully releasing his father from jail, Thor Havorssen decided to focus on protecting human rights on a full-time basis.

In his successful career, the successful human activist has managed to establish several human rights institutions that partner with some of the important political officials and top government officers who share the same vision. One of the most successful establishments from the lawyer is the Oslo Freedom Forum which has been successful in different projects all over the globe. Thor Havorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City. At the moment, Thor serves as the president and chairman of the foundation. Under his leadership, many people from all over the world have received the help they needed.

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