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Inspirey Does An Interview With Ohio Real Estate Agent, Tammy Mazzocco

One of the questions that Inspirey asked of Tammy Mazzocco was how and when she got her first customer as a real estate agent. Tammy Mazzocco responded by saying she got her first customer after 1999. She recalls being very excited to have closed a deal and made what she described her first real payday as a real estate sales agent. Mazzocco credits completing the deal to hard work and determination. She applies the same formula for success today.

The next question given to Tammy Mazzocco during her Inspirey Interview was what is a marketing strategy that she used that has helped her find new clients in real estate. Mrs. Mazzocco answered that having an online presence is important nowadays. She says that having real estate content on her web page helps by getting them engaged and interested in the real estate business. Professional social media managemenet should not be underestimated either says Tammy Mazzocco. Many people hunt for real estate deals through social media now. Mazzocco also added that a good reputation earned through hard work and delivering results for clients is perhaps the best marketing tool out there for real estate agents.

Another question asked of Tammy Mazzocco was what was the most difficult decision she has had to make in the last couple of months. Tammy Mazzocco says she still worries about things that are ultimately beyond her control and admits that she must rectify that. Regarding real estate, she says that there is always a place for improvement. She also says that it is dangerous and foolish to settle into thinking that the real estate market will remain static or unchanging. The real estate market is always changing and it is up to agents to adapt if they are to remain in business. Adapting with the times is not always easy and is perhaps the most difficult challenge for her as a real estate agent. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

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