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Remarkable Business Product From Equities First

Equities First got established in 2002 with headquarters located in Indianapolis, United States. With branches all over the world, to date, it has carried out over 700 transactions. Their Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia, United Kingdom, London, Bangkok, and Perth offices offer financing services tailored to meet individual specific needs. They provide productive loans to businesses and persons who require capital.

They specialize in developing a product that enables sufficient supply of money at affordable terms through a well secured and transparent process. Services offered to clients depend on a country’s restriction and differs from one country to another. Services provided include finance solutions, capital allocation, and financial services.

Equities First allow equities as collateral for stock loans repaid within three years. One has to own stock with any company so as to enter into an agreement with Equities First. The shares should have high chances of appreciation in future. The client transfers the shares to Equities First as security to the loan. BusinessWire News Here .

Advantages of stock loans:

  1. Security.

The client receives the stock at the current stock value on loan maturity. If the stock appreciated during the loan period, the client retains the market value.

  1. Attractive terms.

They offer lower interest rates than other financial institutions to their clients.

  1. Non-purpose loans.

Borrowers can invest in whatever they wish. The loans do not tie entrepreneurs to a particular investment. Clients enjoy flexibility in whatever they want to do with their loan.

  1. Security.

They use the set standard methods in the industry, trusted legal practitioners, and professional accounting partners in executing their transactions.

  1. Fast process.

It takes only five to seven business days from the time of contacting to when one get funded.

With traditional financial institutions like banks offering limiting conditions to loan access, Equities First becomes the best option for investors.,34.htm for more .


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