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Thor Halvorssen Presents a New Face to Human Rights Activism

One thing that needs to happen is a change in image. This is not that there is something wrong with the current image. It is that the times change. As times change so do ideas. Therefore, it is also good to present a new image for many things like human rights activism. This is what Thor Halvorssen is doing when he is taking on the different issues that come with human rights violations. Before Mr Thor, the average human rights activist was characterized as someone who has a bitterness about him. He was also seen as someone that is unkempt, and someone who is all talk, but not willing to get into the mix.

Thor is quite the opposite of that. He is someone who not only loves humanity and presents a positive and happy image, he is also someone who is very active. He often gets dirty. He is also willing to lose blood for the cause. There were times when he himself was beaten up and locked away for standing up for human rights. He took it as part of the job. He did not get bitter about it. For one thing, he has known that there is going to be a shedding of blood for things to get better for the oppressed. Click here to know more.

One thing that is very precious is freedom. It is very important for people to be allowed to make their own decisions so that they could live a fulfilling life. When they are subjugated to be an object for someone else, then this is when things become messy. People were not meant to be dominated. People are meant to live together in harmony while pursuing something that they themselves are very passionate about. Thor Halvorssen is one of the people that are fighting very hard to bring forth that purpose.

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