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Paul Mampilly has Turned Profits Unlimited Into an Investment Phenomenon

Paul Mampilly is the author of a relatively new investor newsletter named Profits Unlimited and it has resonated quite well with subscribers. The newsletter is featured in Banyan Hill, a publishing company with information on hot new investments and asset management and it now has over 60,000 subscribers. The interest in Mampilly’s newsletter has come from his solid resume in stock investments and his experience guiding hedge funds, and the results that his followers have experienced in their own investments speak for themselves. Paul Mampilly has shown investors how to manage their investments without needing a broker and gives them a look at his own portfolio which currently shows gains in nearly every investment.

Mampilly has been a stock broker and banking expert since 1991. He immigrated to the US from India and holds a master’s degree from Fordham University. Mampilly started in investment banking as a research assistant for Duetsche Bank and then started moving into managing director positions with Bankers Trust and Sears. From investment banking Mampilly went into portfolio management for a Kinetics International Fund, a major hedge fund company. His ability to find investments that could yield extremely high returns earned him an invitation to the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition which he won by taking a $50 million investment and helping it gain 76% in profits to grow to $88 million. Click here to know more.

Mampilly not only has worked for hedge fund and investment banking clients, he’s built his own portfolio investing in major tech and pharmaceutical companies. He made a gain of over 2,000% in stocks with Sarepta Therapeutics and was one of the early believers in the future of Netflix and saw his stock with them gain 634%. He decided to leave the world of the 1% in Wall Street and start Profits Unlimited to help those with little knowledge of investing become proficient investors. Visit him in Twitter.

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