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Chris Burch: The Dynamic Investor

Investment often exceeds career or profession if you do it right. Many are the people who have committed their cash to projects they have little or no experience in. It is not alarming. As long as the investment brings in returns, it is certainly worthwhile. In support of this, Chris Burch is a good example. He is an aggressive investor who has expertise and experience in the fashion industry. However, this did not hinder him from venturing into the hospitality industry where he is doing so well to an extent of exceeding the performance in his field of profession.

Chris Burch has invested in a five-star resort on an Indonesian Island. On record, it is the best resort in the world. His unique entrepreneurial eye guided him out here and true to it; it is nothing but pure success. In collaboration with James McBride, an hotelier, they decided to purchase a beach hostel for sale in Sumba, Indonesia and together made a cash outflow of about 30 million dollars to rehabilitate the enterprise. You have no idea how integrated resources can bring in tremendous change. It later was opened up as a sumptuous five-star resort, Nihiwatu, three years later.

According to, Not so long after, Nihiwatu was voted in as the best hotel in the world by ‘Travel and Leisure’. Chris Burch claims it was all to give back to the community. He explains of the grand establishment in a beautiful setting as an experience of a lifetime. All that visit fall in love with every fine detail of it. It gets you to do things you cannot fathom doing in any other setting. It is just unmatched. To his surprise, he admits that the result has exceeded his expectations by far.

Chris Burch can be termed as a leading employer besides being an investor. Through his investment venture, Nihiwatu, he has become the largest job creator on the island. Most of the services are delivered by the natives, hence giving back to the community in one way. Also, parts of the enterprise’s profits are donated to the Sumba Foundation, a community organization that finances projects to help develop the local community.

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Chris Burch, the Founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, is an aggressive investor with a current record of 13 investments in numerous companies, check on for related article.  He has a devotion to branding, and this has garnered him success in the fashion sector. More so, he possesses unique skills in sales and marketing that he exercises in his other investments.  Hop over to to read more about Burch.

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