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Key Details Concerning Avaaz and Their Initiatives

Avaaz is a public company that was founded in January 2007. Their primary goal is to promote global crusading on matters relating to the environment, climate change, as well as human and animal rights. They also go further to address the issues of conflict, poverty, and corruption. Their name is quite relevant, as it translates to “voice,” which is majorly the reason why the organization exists. The executives who launched the organization aimed at promoting justice and good governance in general. Res Publica is among those who co-founded Avaaz, supported by their founding partners, Service Employees International Union. Some of the individual co-founders include; Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Tom Pravda, David Madden, not to mention several others.


Management of Worldwide Campaigns Selection Procedures at Avaaz


There is a talented crew of crusaders who work from more than thirty countries. They are the parties responsible for global campaigns, working from the UK, Brazil, Lebanon, and even India. They are quite informed in the campaigns and employ aggressive tactics in their initiatives. The crew mostly communicates to the members through email. At times they also commission legal advice. Such strategies help them in pushing the campaigns in the best way possible. Interestingly, they allow the members to air their suggestions, which are complemented by guidance from professional advisors. Avaaz keenly watches to ensure that their campaigns do not segregate people, rather unite them.




From the objectives that Avaaz pushes for, they do not have a properly-framed ideology. All they want is to see the world become a better place for all. As they put it, their primary goal is to work to support progressive causes that bridge the gap between the current world and the world that people want. The interesting thing is that they are not after any selfish interests. They pursue selflessly to ensure a safe world.

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