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Desiree Perez, the right woman to elevate Tidal

Among the huge businesses in the world is the streaming of music. This is the kind of businesses that generates lots on millions in a short period. We have mainstream companies that stream music all over the globe such as Apple music, YouTube among others. A company such as Tidal is considered as an underdog in the game, but those are not the thoughts of its executive, Desiree Perez. She is working around the clock to ensure people change that notion as it is the main way the organization will have the capacity to compete with the best. She has informed people that she wants the company to be here for the longest time possible meaning it is a long term business venture that everyone needs to pay attention to. More news here on


Previous executives have stepped down, but this never discouraged Jay-Z who is the founder of Tidal. Many expected such acts to lead to him giving up on his ambitions, but that is not the case. He has always had a plan B whenever things seem to be going wrong with the company. It is through the leadership of Desiree Perez that the company has started to receive massive success. It is getting new members, and fans all over are getting crazy about the streaming service provider. Her main goal is to rack in as many customers as possible. Peek here.




The founder Jay-Z has always been up and running in a bid to ensure the company succeeds. Among the good things he has done for the company is having Desiree sign up deals that are bringing lots of millions to the firm. It is in such areas that Desiree shines most. She has lots of experience with such contracts because she has worked with Roc Nation and has been around to observe how Tidal business was run. See


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