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What Does ClassDojo Have To Offer Schools?

ClassDojo is an ever changing new app that is removing the need for parent teacher meetings in school. Gone are the days where parents have to meet with teachers three times a year to get updates on what their kid is doing in class. It’s tough for teachers to keep up with every kid in school. This app gives parents the chance to send vital information like pictures and even videos of what children are doing in class to the parents via this app. Parents get an inside up to date look at their child’s accomplishments and participation in class.


It offers schools the chance to create a real community within the parents and the teachers, alongside helping children understand how to get their parents inside their lives at school. Having a parent join in can help encourage children to work harder and get their parent’s help on bettering their life at school and their projects. ClassDojo is the place to be to find growth and experience a better connection between teachers and students because now parents can be shown what is going on with their kids in class.


ClassDojo is still currently looking for ways to expand the app despite it already being used by thousands of teachers across the USA receiving $21 million for future developments. Many students and parents are already reaping the benefits of a better school every day. This app is the one that can help keep a school in the right place and guide the students properly.


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