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Goettl Continues to Merge with Other Vegas Companies

Goettl, a leader in the air conditioning field, has recently acquired Las Vegas Air as well as Paradise Air in a merger that took place earlier in the year. In essence, Goettl has gained more than 20 employees as well as stronger hold in the air conditioning market especially the residential market. These two companies were however not the only companies that Goettl had acquired in this area. The idea is for Goettl to take over the residential clients that they have gained from Las Vegas Air and also take charge of Paradise Air’s rental homes.

Fortunately, the employees of Paradise air are willing to go along with the merger. The good relationship between Ken Goodrich and Stephen Gamst is also a contributing factor to making this transition smooth. It is the belief of Gamst that the merger will be beneficial for both his employees and local market. In addition, the merger will contribute in helping diversify the companies’ skills and services. Previously the two companies only provided HVAC services but merging with Goettl enables them to offer plumbing services as well.

Goettl also stands to benefit from this merger since it gets an opportunity to open up its business to the commercial sector. Multifamily properties and malls have now become part of the clients that they will be serving.

About Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl is an air conditioning service provider that has been in existence for more than seven decades now. It is an expert in dealing with extreme weather conditions in the Southwestern part of America.In January, the Arizona Foothills Magazine declared Goettl the best HVAC company in Arizona.

Kenneth Goodrich, the CEO and President of Goettl, is known for his efforts and success in helping people within their local communities. He also takes part in some philanthropic work a good example being the scholarships offered to interested students who desire to learn more about HVAC.

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