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Nine9 is a company that helps actors and models, who are not represented by an agency, find success in the industry. The company was founded in 2003 and they represent the “99%” that are told “no” by an agency and Nine9 Talent Agency says “yes” you can be successful and offers the tools and support they need.

Some of the benefits of Nine9 are:

A commission free environment.

Access to real time casting and auditions.

Alerts and casting software that matches you with the right opportunities.

Nine9 The UnAgency has a staff that prides itself on treating everyone with respect.

Anthony Toma, CEO and founder of Nine9, first got the idea when he was in the grocery business. He was looking for franchising opportunities and purchased a company called Coral Reef Productions, which is now Nine9. See Photos Here .

A normal day for Anthony is getting the kids to school and listening to business or motivational audio books on the way to the office. Of course, this is after the rhyming games with the kids on the way to school. His day includes list making and following trends of social media. He always makes sure his team has the tools and resources needed to move Nine9 forward.

His advice to others is to listen, stay on top of technology and learn, learn, learn. He also believes in putting ideas online and making it available to the public. Anthony believes that Facebook is a strong marketing tool and is a firm believer in “No Texting While Driving” to the point he thinks everyone should have a sticker in their car stating exactly that.

Anthony believes that failing can be a learning experience and it does not make you a failure, just someone who keeps on trying. for more.

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