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Lime Crime proudly serves over 2.4 million customers and is causing quite a scandal with their mainstream velvetine matte and superfoil lipsticks and eyeshadows. They demand that the guys and guys that wear their cosmetics be unapologetic. Their brilliant line of cosmetics encourage you to be creative with your makeup to match your specific mood or attire. You’ll get bold fanatic colors, but shades that can highlight a nice transition to evening. Best of all, their makeup is 100% waterproof and won’t smudge while your eating, drinking, or partying. You’re encouraged to find your favorite shade today.


Scandal is a luxurious sister brand of the infamous Lime Crime with a long wearing purple-violet hue that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry. In fact, they feature a vegan animal cruelty free product that is Leaping Bunny approved. Their cosmetic line is designed to change the world by giving people radical kick ass colors that are the first of their kind. Tailor your look with Purple Sorbet or Radical Metallic. Your lips and eye lids will be saturated with an ultra moist base that forms to complete perfection for all skin types.


Doe Deere is the founder of the Scandal brand and promises to continue to produce hard to find colors that will become a must have for every girl. You can transform a dull hair day with one of their unique color blends. Their cosmetics hold well under the camera lights and are admired by some of the industries favorite celebrities. Take your next selfie in confidence. Surprisingly, you can enjoy a fun filled night without multiple trips to the ladies room to freshen up your makeup with long lasting staying power.


You can order Scandal exclusively from the Lime Crime website. They offer many promotional offers including free shipping for their first time customers. You’re encouraged to visit their website and choose your favorite color today. Discover great makeup that demands you to be bold and insists that you make a statement with your cosmetics.

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