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Lime Crime Demands To Be Seen!

Doe Deere is the amazing creator of the iconic makeup line known as Lime Crime which is the first ever all vegan, cruelty free line of highly pigmented makeup that allows for explicit freedom in your makeup bag to show off your true colors with products that make your war paint fun again. Believing fully that makeup shouldn’t be about fixing flaws, and should be all about bursting beyond the seams to show off who you are on the inside through the most vivid display of colorful makeup on your face.

Born in Russia, but raised in the bustling city life of New York, New York, Doe Deere quickly noticed that there was a gap in the industry for makeup that was as bold and bright as she wanted it to be that was also animal friendly, so she decided the only logical choice left to make was to create her own products instead of waiting for someone else to do it for her.

Now, thank’s to Doe Deere’s excellent line known as Lime Crime that features holographic lip glosses known as Diamond Crushers and Velvetines lip sticks in metallics and mattes as well as Venus Palette Bundles that showcase outstanding eyeshadow colors ranging from bright orange to baby blue. No matter what your personal style is, Lime Crime has something perfect for you that you never have to feel ever guilty for purchasing, thanks to every single individual makeup item being completely 100% vegan and animal cruelty free.

Thanks to the brilliant creative mind of Doe Deere, there are finally amazing colors to help bring your true self to light. Visit today to get your own Velvetines shade and check out what’s currently on sale and coming soon to the iconic vegan brand of beautiful make up products that finally give you the total freedom to let your freak flag fly! It’s time to stop hiding with “natural” makeup and start having some real fun again with bold colors that demand attention and bring you closer to true you that’s been waiting to burst out and be seen!

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