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NexBank has been committed to serving their customers for over 50+ years. They are based in Dallas, Texas and headed by president and CEO, John Holt. Backed with $40 billion dollar in assets and FDIC insured, you can rest assured that your money is in a safe secure financial institution. They’ve recently gained $24 million in common equity capital that has pleased their stockholders. Holt told PRN Newswire the significant capital gain will help expand the general corporate services associated with NexBank. Holt is also centered on growth and staying competitive with other financial institutions to ensure that their customers are getting everything that they need to maximize their money.

Are you over your head in student loan debt? Students and their parents can save on college tuition and other expenses with up to 1,600+ available college savings programs brought to you by NexBank. They have partnered with College Savings Bank of New Jersey and have extended their college savings programs to their customers. NexBank understood what the rising costs of college tuition has had on the average individual’s finances and they responded with an amazing program that has proven college saving strategies. Don’t take out another government student loan until you learn more about the NexBank college savings program.

NexBank Customer Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– Free direct deposit

– IRA accounts

– Industrial accounts

– Anytime access

– Switch money in between accounts

and more…

NexBank has expertise in three core banking services along with personalized accounts. They focus on industrial, commercial, and investment accounts. You can invest money towards your retirement with their retirement accounts, You’re invited to learn more about by visiting their exclusive website for more details and information. Build your financial portfolio with the leaders in the industry today.


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