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How Clay Siegall Is Making The World A Better Place In His Own Unique Way.

With the help of other biotechnology experts, Clay Siegall was able to build Seattle Genetics, a Company aimed at providing assistance to cancer patients. The Biotechnology Company has been able to achieve a lot and expanded its operation to the point of producing Adcetris, a cancer drug. Based in America, the company has been able to increase their stock to be more than five million all thanks to Clay’s leadership skills. Clay Siegall acts as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer a job he has done very well producing positive results. According to Clay, the company’s investors play a significant role in accumulating the large capital that has been used in the production of Adcetris.

For some years now, Adcetris has been sold, and the result has been good as the general public has been receiving the drug in a positive manner. It has undergone numerous changes and improvements and with these changes, more than ten thousand patients suffering from various types of cancer have been cured. It has also been accepted in more than fifty nations globally, and this proves that indeed Adcetris is truly a cancer drug. It is one thing to produce something, and it’s an entirely different thing for the product being produced to do its intended purpose like what Adcetris has done.

Clay Siegall has taken pride in the production of the cancer drug knowing that he has saved lives in different countries. Having graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Zoology and George Washington University with a Ph. D, Siegall can be described as a cancer treatment specialist. He has been in the biotech industry for more than twenty years, and with the help of his degree in genetics, Clay tries to understand the science behind cancer to be in a position of producing a permanent cure.

He believes that for him to provide a solution to a problem, he has to comprehend the cause. His dream came true with the help of his team when the company developed Adcetris. Having won numerous awards including the Pierce Award, Clay is sure that he is making the world a better place through providing a cancer treatment something he takes pride in.

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