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USHEALTH: The Premier and Most Reputable Health Insurance Provider

USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based insurance holding corporation headquartered in Fort Worth. Through agents contracted by its principal divisions, National Foundation Life Insurance Company, Freedom Life Insurance Company, and USHEALTH Advisors, USHEALTH mainly concentrates on supplying health insurance plans to independent and small-scale entrepreneurs. Founded in 1982, USHEALTH boasts of a massive experience in the medical insurance sector.


The company’s primary objective is to incorporate the expertise of their well able human capital and agents to innovate and trade high-end health insurance products such as Income protection plans and additional cancer products. The firm also offers products like insurance covers for individual health, dental, critical illness, fixed indemnity medical insurance, and life covers for life, accident, and specific illness. Their agents are dedicated to ensuring that clients settle on the best plan according to the budget, making USHEALTH the most reputable insurance solutions provider in the U.S. Over the years, USHEALTH has continued to create unique products in the industry. For instance, it recently launched the Premier Choice, a one of a kind product that allows customers to supplement their existing covers and still keep their benefits.


USHEALTH Group through its subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors gifted soldiers that were overseas for the holidays with care packages that cost $ 5000, a project dubbed USHA’s Month of HOPE. The company also built a home for a wounded soldier under the Homes for Worriers Program commissioned by the group’s President and CEO, Troy McQuagge.

Growth & Awards

The company’s strong trait of valuing their customers has resulted to the firm marking tremendous growth in the recent past such as 52 percent increase in sales, writing agents grew by 15 percent, the share value increased by 72 percent. This growth has enabled USHEALTH USHEALTH Group to cement a premier position in the health insurance scene. Additionally, USHEALTH is one of the fastest companies to service claims. Their dedication and zeal have prompted the firm to be recognized and awarded in the highest categories in their area of expertise, including the Gold Stevie Award for offering unique services to the clients as well as bagging Gold during the 2016 One Planet Excellence Awards.

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