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Norman Pattiz Aims To Digitalize The Radio With PodcastOne

PodcastOne is a company that plans to take over the sector of radio in an entirely new fashion. Developed by Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne aims to be the new way we listen to music and podcasts. This radio Mughal seeks to bring this old long lost friend into its new digital revamped platform for listeners to enjoy. The concept of making a channel with such as this came to Norman when he was brainstorming new ways and mediums to provide audio entertainment to people. Thinking about that concept, the idea of podcasts fit right in, to give us a network of channels to tune into.

Currently, PodcastOne is one of the leading podcast networks in the country. Norman wanted to make the entire system of podcasts as similar to an experience on the radio as possible. One thing that most online podcasts seem to be missing is the advertisement spaces that radio provided. By letting out advertising spaces on the radio, the network and the advertisers made a lot of money owing to the sheer amount of people tuning in at any given point. Norman knew that if he wanted to make this the next best thing, he would have to open his doors to advertisers and provide them with a platform to market their products. By doing this, the company drew in a big list of clientele who wanted to showcase their ads on the podcast network.

Another thing that makes podcasts different from the radio is the fact that the radio would regularly update people on the current events that are happening in their city and their country. However, most online podcasts tend to stick to their scripts and not give their listeners the latest news. Norman wanted to make the entire experience of PodcastOne more like the radio and therefore teamed up with The Associated Press to give their audience real-time news updates.

Norman was sure that his plan of making PodcastOne the new radio would work out pretty well. Since it was a digitized medium of an old time favorite, it was received extremely well by the network’s target audience. He also believes that PodcastOne can grow immensely owing to the enormous amount of untapped potential that this sector possesses. Because of Norman’s influence in the sector of radio and entertainment, he was able to form collaborations with numerous celebrities like WWE star Chris Jericho to give the audiences an experience as they would never expect!

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