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The Best Lung Disease Treatment Available

Chronic lung conditions can have a major impact in every part of your life. It’s common for patients with a lung disease to experience shortness of breath, fatigue, and general tiredness and exhaustion. After all, the body requires oxygen to be supplied throughout the entire body and when you’re lungs can’t provide that, it can result in dire consequences. See,

One of the best treatments for lung disease is stem cell therapy. Stem cells are cells that have yet to form into a specific type of cells such as an organ, tissue, or the alike. If these cells reach an injury in the body, they will form into a cell in the surrounding area to replace the ones that were damaged or destroyed. There are many ways to collect stem cells. The Lung Institute uses a method often referred to as autologous stem cell therapy. This means they will be collected from the same patient that is being treated. This is actually the best way to treat a patient because cells from your own body do not carry the risk of being rejected and it’s there’s no hassle of finding a match.


Stem cells can actually be found in the blood as they flow freely through the blood stream. According to Cedars-Sinai, they can be collected from the bloodstream via blood venous collection. Stem cells can also be found in the bone marrow, however, the bone marrow contains more stem cells than the blood. Typically, blood venous is preferred for most patients. Extraction of stem cell from bone marrow may be ideal for patients who have certain conditions or significant injury to the lungs. Both forms of extraction are minimally invasive and considered very safe procedures.


The Lung Institute has clinics located throughout the United States that can be found here. You can contact one of the patient coordinators to schedule a consultation free of charge. While not all patients qualify, most do. Whether you qualify or not will depend on various factors that will be discussed and view by the treating physicians. All physicians are board certified in all Lung Institute locations and it is a leading provider in lung treatment for both conditions and disease. For more info, visit



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